!! OMG, don’t get lost girl: NYC Weekend MAP with STEFON !!

OK, you’re visiting/live-in New York for the weekend/forever. Print THIS out on the HR department’s big printer before you leave twork today and you’ll have you’re whole weekend planned out for you…by Stefon.
You can start your weekend off at ‘Unhhhhh’, move on to ‘Ounce’ for cocktails before moving on to the night of your life at ‘SQUAWK’ !
Click below to see Paste’s ‘NYC City Guide With City Correspondent Stefon’. I’m clasping my hands over my mouth right now.
I’m going to wait for the audio guide to come out so everyone in the lineup can watch me open my BULKY YELLOW CASSETTE WALKMAN to turn over to side B halfway through the night!

Click on the below map to see it at a readable size, then quick! go print it out before Suzanne from HR comes back from her lunch break:
[via huffpost]

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  1. Am I the only one who is bewildered half the time by Duncan’s ADHD writing style?

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