!! OMG, don’t laugh! Kirk Cameron tries to put the Christ back in Christmas !!

43-year-old former “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron (who’s referred to homosexuality as “unnatural” and “detrimental”) is ready to put the CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS in his new film Saving Christmas! Here’s a bit more about the film:

As Cameron explains to Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze, Saving Christmas is a scripted story concerning a “typical Christian white male” that Cameron has named “Christian White”–because, again, he hates euphemisms. The film finds Christian experiencing “a bad case of religious bah humbugs,” to reference one work of Christmas commercialism that has all but ruined it, and in turn he is “deflating his wife’s entire Christmas party, because he has come to believe that everything we’re doing at Christmas to celebrate is wrong.” Is there anyone out there who can convince this typical Christian white male to have confidence in his beliefs?

It’s only September, you say!? Kirk don’t give a shit! Check out his new trailer below:

Oh, and sorry — I couldn’t resist:
[via avclub]

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2 Comments on "OMG, don’t laugh! Kirk Cameron tries to put the Christ back in Christmas"

  1. The only thing unnatural is Christian’s horrible dye job. Why is his hair so much darker than hus beard?
    Also, if Kirk hates the gays so much, why is that black guy in the movie? He’s gayer than an easter basket.

  2. So question… if he’s so over the commercialization of Christmas, why is he releasing the moving in November? Would he not release it on, like, December 24?

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