!! OMG, download a ‘Nicki-centric’ re-edit of Kanye West’s “Monster” !!

Brooklyn-based DJ/remixer Kingdom has created a re-edit of Kanye West‘s single “Monster” that skips Yeezy and Hov’ (but not Rick Ross) and goes straight to the part every gay dance floor wants to hear: Nicki Minaj‘s star-making final verse. Will she ever top it? Will we ever tire of it?
Monster (Kingdom’s Nicki-Centric Edit)
(via The Fader)

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1 Comment on "OMG, download a ‘Nicki-centric’ re-edit of Kanye West’s “Monster”"

  1. Really? People love this verse? It’s okay, I guess. I don’t get the fuss about her. Her lyrics are so bad and her fake voices are really annoying.

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