!! OMG, finally: Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video arrives !!

Remember back in the day when Madonna’s “Erotica” video was too hot for broadcast because it featured same-sex kissing (among other things)? TV stations decided to air it only once at midnight and there was a big hype leading up the premiere, so me and my babysitter stayed up late to watch it. Thanks to the Internet, nothing is too hot for anything anymore, but despite this fact, Lady Gaga waited until 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to premiere her nine-minute long Tarantino homage “Telephone” co-starring Beyonce.
Three things: 1) There is way more blatant product placement in this one than there was in “Bad Romance”. 2) The Chola Girl prison make-up is pretty fun. 3) I was really hoping for a fight scene where Gaga and Beyonce beat the shit out of each other. Gaga needs to do like Toni Braxton and line-up Vivica for the next one.

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6 Comments on "OMG, finally: Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video arrives"

  1. Has someone told Tyrese he bears a striking resemblance to Bobby Brown in this video? That is NOT the look.

  2. If parts of the new Lady Gaga/Beyoncé Video Telephone ring a bell with gay porn fans, it’s because they filmed two high-profile gay porn movies (Big Rig from Buckshot and Dare from Falcon) on the very same set.

  3. Was that K D Lang in the beginning of the video? LOL

  4. Refined Sugar B | March 12, 2010 at 1:49 pm | Reply

    Just a second Jimmy Fury, I’m on hold with Matthew Knowles’ reception. Him and I need to discuss a few things but when I’ve said what I need to say about Beyonce driving somebody somewhere, I’ll mention your music video pitch because it is quite good. Hopefully they can get the idea to Gaga… I mean she snatched Beyonce’s wig in this video so she must also have her ear too.

  5. hmmm as much as i do love Vivica, if gaga decides to actually follow up on the “to be continued” it might not work to have Vernita Green in an obvious homage to Kill Bill since she’s… ya know… dead as hell.
    This is totally personal preference but I’d love to see a follow up to this with a duet with Utada. Then have the entire video be a massive fight/dance off between them and an army of evil japanese school girl ninjas. (with obvious tribute paid to the House of Blue Leaves or the Snow Garden from Kill Bill…)
    Plus Utada could finally get that foot hold in the American market that she’s been working on for a couple of years now.

  6. Refined Sugar B | March 12, 2010 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    There is only one thing shocking about this video, and when i say only one, I mean ONLY one: excuse me miss, but is Beyonce driving somebody somewhere? Oh no ma’am, we will not be releasing Driving Miss Daisy: Redux in theatres this year. Somebody get Matthew Knowles on the horn. Who authorized this?
    Oh… and I needed to see that car go over the cliff. I’m not too bothered that they didn’t fight, but mid-way through that car chase sequence I felt the ghost of Thelma & Louise visit my altar and it told me that that car needed to go over the cliff. So I’m a little disappointed at this ‘To Be Continued’ nonsense…

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