!! OMG, finally: Liz Phair to release the Girly Sound recordings !!

Last month, 90’s indie queen and 2000s yogurt commercial pariah Liz Phair finally shook free her corporate shackles and released a completely insane, online-only record called Funstyle which, according to her website, “Lost me my record deal, my managment, and a lot of nights of sleep.” Despite what the smirking undergrads over at Pitchfork would have you believe— is actually mostly pretty f*cking great. (Just really, really crazy.)
Now Liz has just announced that she’ll be releasing the record as an actual, physical CD in October– well a double-CD, actually, because she’ll be packaging it with the legendary Girly Sound recordings, a bunch of songs on cassette tapes that she made in her bedroom before she ever got her first record deal. This is amazing news: the Girly Sound tapes have been available in bootleg versions online for years, but this is the first time most of them will be available in an official release, and they easily measure up to the very best of Phair’s work.
Watch for OMG Blog’s interview with Ms. Phair about Funstyle, Girly Sound, and survival in the music industry later this week!

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