!! OMG, finally NOT lip-dubbed: Adorable nerds cover ‘Call Me Maybe’ !!

We’ve seen plenty of people lip-dub Carly Rae Jepson‘s, “Call Me Maybe,” in a never-ending stream of viral videos (soldiers, students, even Olympians). But Nick Blaemire and the Hustle isn’t content with just singing along to the summer anthem. This ‘nerdsoul’ group takes on the summer anthem in a cover that I would argue far exceeds the original. Check out some of the band’s own stuff, too, on their website.

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2 Comments on "OMG, finally NOT lip-dubbed: Adorable nerds cover ‘Call Me Maybe’"

  1. Cancer, diabetes, and pancreatitis, now I think these things have given me hysterical deafness.
    Stop the insanity!

  2. umm….he definately should not try to hit those notes, or any notes for that matter. the arrangement is ok though.

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