!! OMG finally: Progressive candidates !!

Just the other night I watched FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, a documentary about Christian families with gay children. It was quite nice and hit a few heartstrings. The most interesting parts were about what The Bible actually says about homosexuality and how little there really is that is against it – when read in the context of the time it was written.
Anyway, mostly it was about some Christians not understanding homosexuality and not learning about it until they had a child who was gay. In the end all of the families opened themselves up to their children and some went so far as to become activists for gay rights.
So when I came across the above video of Barack talking about the same issues as For The Bible Tells Me So I thought that was pretty great and nice to see a leader who could retain their faith and views while being progressive. Obviously the problem isn’t in religion itself, it’s in blind faith.
I don’t claim that Obama is better than Hillary, or vice versa, but it’s nice to hear this rather than “I’m a Christian, and The Bible says homosexuality is wrong”.

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13 Comments on "OMG finally: Progressive candidates"

  1. I’m very very worried that someone who prays to Jesus every night, Obama’s own words, doesn’t understand the concept of loving your neighbor–if they are straight? I’m gay and no one’s second-class ciizen.

  2. I can remember exactly which state but I’ve seen Hillary talk about gay rights to a rural crowd. A gay man asked the question and she delivered. You just don’t see these moments in the media because there are more important things to focus on like the war that costs us millions everyday.

  3. You guys keep mentioning all these things Clinton has done. The thing is, she ONLY does them around gay folks! Where is she saying that homophobia is wrong and has to be stopped when she’s speaking to, for example, working class folks or a church audience where her views are more likely to lose her votes? She doesn’t. She will sell us out in a hot minute just like her husband.

  4. Clinton and Obama’s positions are identical on gay issues. He just seems more willing to stand firm, whereas I could see her waffling and caving just like her hubby did. Her votes as a senator have taught us to expect nothing.
    As for the McClurkin thing, Clinton has also accepted support from equally homophobic (though not “ex-gay”) preachers. It’s sad that the only candidates who truly stood for equality had almost no chance.

  5. i have to say that being a gay african american, i too strongly dislike donnie mcclurkin, however obama is not to be held responsible for every opinion or belief held by any supporter of his policies. donnie is still a so called annointed man, definitely extremely talented as a singer and songwriter and held in high esteem in the black community. i understand why barack would want to feature him as a supporter.
    at the end of the day obama did appear on logo’s ” debate ” of democratic nominees and continues to speak directly to our community. how many other candidates can say the same?
    i feel in my heart that he is not 100% comfortable with gays but i do feel that he thinks we are equal to anyone else and thinks our rights should be protected. my only beef with him is not supporting gay marriage, i guess he will change his mind once he meets me and we have a short courtship and want to ” cement” our love for one another. i am kidding … sort of

  6. First of all, Hillary started the conversation with the Gay community. Do we not remember her on LOGO (MTV’s Gay Channel) with Melissa Ethridge, and some other gays. She was super supportive of the progressive being made with the gay community in terms of rights… this was way back in August or September. Barack is just trying to jump on the bandwagon… AS USUAL! She is the progressive one WITH THE EXPERIENCE to prove it.
    I wish all these people who stop being brainwashed by Oprah. HILLARY HILLARY HILLARY!

  7. If Obama’s support for gays was sincere, he would not have featured “Pray Your Way out of Gay” evangelical homophobe Donnie McClurkin, member and very vocal proponent of the ex-gay movement, at his Bible Belt rallies before the Southern primaries>:-(

  8. Another point is Hillary issued a statement on her support for gay rights months ago and has talked about in several rallies. Obama didn’t say anything until just recently and pretty much just repeated what Hil had said.

  9. Actually, I don’t think Obama is progressive with homosexuality at all. He even states in his book that his oposition to gay marriage is BECAUSE of his religous beliefs.

  10. No he just says I am muslin and whatever they call their bible not sure what it is tells me its so

  11. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Graydon!

  12. I’ll definitely make the claim that Obama is better than Clinton, because the only way Clinton would make that same remark as Obama is if she were in an all-gay crowd. She can’t get enough of us so long as there aren’t any strayt folks around.

  13. Hillary has walked in gay pride parades for years now. So, I’m sure she’s quite ok with gay people.

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