!! OMG, first listen: Jennifer Lopez ‘On The Floor’ !!

Is Jennifer Lopez the new Paula Abdul? Let’s just hope she wears less jewelry (pills) now that she’s serving judgment on American Idol. One sign that JLO’s filling Paula and not Simon’s shoes: the love-fest between the singer and Ryan Seacrest is already in full swing — starting with the exclusive premiere of her new single On The Floor on Seacrest’s radio show. While the song’s pretty good, it’d be a hell-of-a-lot better without “On Air with Ryan Seacrest world premiere” edited in every 15 seconds. Barf.

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7 Comments on "OMG, first listen: Jennifer Lopez ‘On The Floor’"

  1. Jenefer lopez my life wod note be the sam wihe out you. you are so cool

  2. This song is amazing, nice to have you back JLO love everything you do… F’ all the H8erzzz ur amazing, young, and beautiful! Whoop “Dance the night away”

  3. Wow, people are mean. Good luck to Jennifer.

  4. The chorus samples the melody from a song by Kaoma back in the ’90s called “Lambada” … you know, the forbidden dance. 🙂 I LOVED that song back in the day, so I totally dig this song as well!

  5. Is this new single about her busting her ass on stage when she couldn’t handle the heels? Stooopid beeeyatch!

  6. The most untalented used up worn out HO is back with more garbage – it will bomb, like everything else she does. Its time to go home JHO – you’re too old and irrelevant. Her decline is quite comical!


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