!! OMG, first look: Henry Cavill is the ‘Man of Steel’ !!

There’s one reason to be excited about yet another Superman movie and his name is Henry Cavill. The first poster for “Man of Steel,” showing Cavill in a rebooted red-and-blue costume, made its debut at Comic-Con last weekend, where fans were also treated to a new teaser trailer. But let’s just hope Cavill makes a better Clark Kent than he did Theseus in 2011’s “Immortals.” Cause, yeah, I Netflixed that “movie” the other night, and not even Cavill’s chiseled pecs won me over.

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  1. I enjoyed Immortals, but I’m staying as far away from this new Superman movie as I can. Russel Crowe as Jor-El? Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent? Other than Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor these are some of the worst casting decisions in recent history. And who needs yet another Superman reboot when they just rebooted it 6 years ago? Horrible!

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