!! OMG, floral plural: Chrome Sparks & Steffaloo’s ‘Eyes For You’ !!

L.A. singer Steffaloo is the village bicycle of pop, she works with producers once, then once she’s finished sopping up the last globs of soggy eggy with her toasty soldiers she runs off for the day claiming she has “things to do, [she’ll] give you a call or something or whatever”…yeah right girl, your knicker-flinging reputation precedes you !
For her latest musical hook-up she bagged Chrome Sparks for the duby-to-double-up synth-pop single “Eyes For You”.
With register-variant marimba and verse-filled bell chime explorations, we think she should “call [him] maybe” as they could probably make the most beautiful bandcamp babies together if she could only keep her pop-panties on long enough to pick up that booty~call that’s bell chiming from her polyphonic flip-phone.

“Eyes For You” is from Steffaloo’s upcoming LP Heart Beats which is due out Oct. 29th.
[via YMT]

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