!! OMG, forget where he was born: Obama is Trying to Kill You! !!

A new Republican conspiracy theory has emerged basically stating that health care reform is a secret plot to kill old people and comparing Obama to Hitler. Didn’t they realize with Palin that “the big lie” doesn’t work? And is it weird that I get the tingles from Rachel?

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4 Comments on "OMG, forget where he was born: Obama is Trying to Kill You!"

  1. It’s not really a secret plot – the fact is universal healthcare means providing the most care for the lowest cost – if you’re elderly and it will cost more to get a hip replacement than it will to simply numb the pain with medication, then unless you can foot the bill yourself you’re going to be on pain medication for the rest of your life. In addition, the number of available prescription medication drops since they will only endorse those that work for the largest population. Universal healthcare is a JOKE, its SOCIALIST, and it doesn’t work. The fact that MSNBC endorsed this program is, in my opinion, proof that the liberal media has taken over and we’re no longer getting all the facts.

  2. @actualy…
    WTF? Are you being serious or sarcastic?
    (quote)”Hate Crimes” and “Fairness Doctrine” legislation…are attacks on our Constitutional freedoms of speech and religion.(end quote)
    If you were the victim of a hate crime, you’d realize what an attack on freedom really is.

  3. Rachel’s given me tingles since I first heard her voice on Air America.

  4. If you don’t understand the obvious similarities between Obama and Hitler, then you know nothing about history, Socialism, or Marxism.
    A cursory skimming of Obama’s life reveals that every influential figure in his life was either a communist, terrorist, or some other kind of America-hating radical. Even his church (of 20 YEARS, mind you) spews blatantly racist, Marxist propaganda.
    So I ask you, why would you choose to ignore all that and believe that he has our country’s best interests at heart? Do you have any reason at all to hold that opinion, or does it just make you feel good to think it? Can you find one person in his life that would have instilled in him a deep love for America and its freedoms? All I see are people trying to destroy us.
    Find me a Marxist regime that hasn’t ended in widespread bloodshed. Hitler (a National Socialist, just like our President) said you must mold children’s minds in their school years, and look at the way Obama is being idealized and romanticized to children in public schools now. I suppose you think small children are politically sophisticated enough to know they are being brainwashed, eh?
    Look at the continuing push for “Hate Crimes” and “Fairness Doctrine” legislation, both of which are attacks on our Constitutional freedoms of speech and religion.
    Does it really make you feel enlightened to buy into a slick PR image, even though every piece of evidence proves it to be a lie?
    You’ve got a lot of reading to do, my snarky friend.

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