!! OMG, full moon: Kevin Spacey !!

In the 2000 film Ordinary Decent Criminal, Kevin Spacey answers the question that’s been on all of our minds: Does he shave between his ass and balls? Look after the jump for the NSFW answer.

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12 Comments on "OMG, full moon: Kevin Spacey"

  1. to the idiot that says he is gay and got his bf to play around with him, where is the proof? its just your word. you also post bs on other rumor sites about him as well. show some proof you tosspot

  2. S.Wang, when you wrote: “Kevin Spacey once convinced my boyfriend at the time to let him play with his cock”, whose cock was played with by whom? I think it is very well known that KS is into boys, and if your bf at the time was of a slight build, I can see how that would happen.

  3. I actually always thought he was kinda cute. It’s nice to know he has a nice ass too.

  4. Frank-o, I love ya … but there was just no need to show me Kevin Spacey’s coinpurse!!!

  5. He’s actually got a much nicer ass than I would have expected, I’d hit it

  6. He’s always been sexy. Thanks!

  7. For films, often you wear a modesty pouch,, basically a stringless g-string that sticks on around your privates. Looks to me like thats what he’s got on!!
    Also,, just on the side,,,,Kevin Spacey once convinced my boyfriend at the time to let him play with his cock. My bf was a bellhop in a hotel and dealt with Mr. Spacey on a regular basis while he was shooting here in Toronto.

  8. Even though I knew not to look,I just couldn’t stop myself……Damn you Frank I’m gonna have nightmares tonight….Still voting for you though!

  9. You can totally tell he’s wearing a “sock” to cover his balls….but he’s got a great ass. I’d put my face in it.

  10. He is wearing a thong. That is not his balls.

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