!! OMG, garden fence fashions: Craig Green F/W ’13/’14 !!

Ignoring the I-just-crashed-my-moped-through-the-neighbour’s-fence masks, Craig Green manages to apply a variety of shapes, lengths and kinds of fabrics, whilst using a limited palette, to make his ensembles…well palatable!

I love this header shot, it looks like he was locked in the art classroom over the summer break and so fashions himself a disguise made of pieces of canvas and scraps of wood lying about.
I also appreciate the sweetie-wrapper v-neck, as it’s the colour of the chocolate that nobody wants to eat, left in the box.

Craig Green’s
real talent here is taking fugly techniques such as patchwork knit and making it look refined and wearable.
Follow the jump to see the other looks that went head-first through the garden fence and onto the runway.

[via dezeen]

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  1. Wow this is pretty different

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