!! OMG, Gay Mafia: Political Style !!

According to THIS article from Time magazine the gays are pouring lots of dough into squelching anti-gay politicians, but rumours of a gay mafia are not too welcome:

“It’s a group of people who like and respect each other and their opinions,” Ray Mulliner, a longtime Hormel adviser, told me recently. “It’s nothing more than like-minded donors getting together to share strategies.” When I mentioned that similar organizations on the right had received press scrutiny — I was thinking of the Arlington Group, a coalition of movement conservatives — Mulliner angrily rejected the comparison: “You have no reason to be curious about this. You’re going to write a piece that’s going to start a fire that needs to get put out, and it’s going to cost a lot of money to put it out,” he said.

Thanks to Mister Stanfield for the tip.

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