!! OMG, giving some Lip: Jeremy Allen White for Bullett !!

The other week we showed you ‘Shameless’ actor Jeremy Allen White‘s bottty-bum in his ‘caught-you-scrubbing-your-SCROTAL-scene’ -scene, but I realise that although I would love to snuggle with said ass, they are not the only lips he’s wagging.

White spoke to Bullett [HERE] about the beard rash he developed from kissing Liev Schreiber, holding an [onscreen] dj at gunpoint, and -if given a choice- always opting to flash his back crack as oppose to his front trunk:

“The directors and writers have asked a lot of us–you know, “You’re going to have to show something. You can show your dick or you can show your ass.” The answer is usually ass. I will be sticking to the ass shot as long as I have control.”

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  1. LOVE Lip !!!!!!!!!

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