!! OMG, glitch please!: Flying Lotus for ‘Adventure Time’ !!

When I first watched Cartoon Network’s ‘Adventure Time’, it was the first time since Pokémon that I’d wanted to “catch ’em all”; it’s poopie and witty and you will trip on your ballsack or tattyflaps whilst watching it…favourite character? oh the Japanese Korean flying worm unicorn girlfriend thingy!
Flying Lotus is the ultimate bedroom stoner musician so it’s not so surprising he just made a tune for the show entitled ‘About That Time/ /A Glitch is a Glitch’, I can just imagine him chomping down on Twinkies and Cheetos and watching back-to-back Adventure Time/Pokémon/Teletubbies re-runs.

I’m hoping Flying Lotus will soon collaborate with Michelle Obama on an single entitled ‘LYING FLOTUS’ with Michelle doing doo waps over a squidgy white house beat. Whilst we wait longingly for this to never happen you can join Princess Bubblegum in the Land of Ooo by downloading the episode that features the car-toon HERE.
[via PMA]

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  1. Duncan Alexander | April 10, 2013 at 8:11 am | Reply

    Thanks sista sista.

  2. Shes Korean.

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