!! OMG, gossip: Anderson Cooper threw his boyfriend out !!

OMG, according to certain sources, Anderson Cooper has thrown his other-man-kissing boyfriend out! [kenneth]
Karl Lagerfeld‘s man-muse is looking real cute these days [oh la la]
How much would you have died to be at the Marina and the Diamonds rooftop private concert [popbytes]
Actor Ezra Miller is gay, and he wants you to know about it [socialite life]
…And speaking of gays, Mika explains the process behind making his new music video [arjan]
Now that she’s engaged, take a tour of Jen Aniston‘s top 10 relationships and hookups [celebrity cafe]
OMG, Miley Cyrus is obsessed with her new haircut [evil beet]
…Also shopping in the short hair department: Jessica Biel [celebitchy]
Wait, Abercrombie & Fitch isn’t sexist anymore? [jezebel]
Team Kristen Stewart has at least one member: Jodie Foster [dlisted]
…Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is on Team Cinnamon Toast Crunch [amy grindhouse]
Required reading: 54 things to love about Madonna on her 54th birthday [after elton]
This will be you this weekend [double viking]
OMG, Bobby Brown is baaaack in rehab [allie]
Fresh from his Olympic glory, Ryan Lotche will be appearing on the CW’s 90210 [tabloid prodigy]
That house Taylor Swift just bought? Here’s what’s inside [berry]
Strange but true: The Cheerios protester is dead [joe]
Next time you get arrested, maybe button your shirt [towleroad]

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