!! OMG gossip: Are Kanye and Amber Rose over? !!

Kanye West and Amber Rose on the rocks? [anything hollywood]
Samantha Ronson bakes a cocaine cake for Lindsay Lohan‘s birthday. Cat fight ensues. [l.a. rag mag]
Scarlett Johansson thinks she looks like a little boy… with huge boobs [the pipeline]
OMG behind the scenes Rupaul footage! [produzentin]
Bristol Palin‘s ex-bf Levi Johnston breaks his silence to Tyra Banks [towleroad]
Openly gay Rupert Everett thinks gays having kids is egocentric and vain [queerty]
The new Vin Diesel/Paul Walker sequel: Fast & Bi-Curious [oh la la]
OMG Japanese penis festival! [dlisted]
Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton) is returning to Melrose Place as the landlady [socialite life]
OMG, your new boyfriend: Principe Italiano [uncoached]
OMG Amy Winehouse swimming topless! [jewssip]
New Tori Amos music video for “Welcome to England” [popbytes]
OMG babies in tuxedos! [urlesque]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Are Kanye and Amber Rose over?"

  1. The Rupert Everett article was interesting. I secretly hoped my sister and her husband would adopt instead of going the IVF route, but they didn’t.

  2. Kanye and Lindsay dumped by lesbians! Wow. I say go back to dick! The other white meat can be just as satisfying…
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

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