!! OMG, gossip: Avril Lavigne reveals she’s been sick for months with Lyme disease !!

Mrs. Chad Kroeger says she’s been seriously ill [dlisted]
HBO documentary Going Clear doc shakes up Scientology, who strikes back on Twitter [celebitchy]
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Initiate Photoshop VIDEO MODE: Is Madge heavily dusted in that TIDAL video? [boy culture]
Welcome to Ryan Reynolds‘ gun show [socialite life]
Arkansas passes its own anti-gay ‘Religious Freedom’ bill[queerty]
Indiana pizza shop won’t cater to gay weddings… which totally ruins your Indiana pizza party wedding idea, so… [towleroad]
Starbucks is not here for anti-gay or discriminatory service [joemygod]
Aw! Gay-bashing murderers become first same-sex couple to marry in prison [kenneth]
How Wario and Mario use Tindr [unrealitymag]
Model Terry Matthew keeps it cute [ohlala]
Apparently The Veronicas are back? [popbytes]

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