!! OMG gossip: Ben Affleck is an unlucky gambler !!

Ben Affleck lost half a million dollars in a secret poker ring [yeeeah]
OMG, BowWow is a dad! [popeater]
Mariah Carey comes out into the world with an army of handlers [dlisted]
Marie Claire believes that sideboob sells magazines [amy grindhouse]
Binational gay couple profiled on CNN makes it clear why the U.S. needs federal marriage equality [towleroad]
Creepy twin babies laugh in sync! [the berry]
OMG referee appears out of thin air at hockey match! [double viking]
Chord Overstreet may not actually be kicked off Glee [popbytes]
Yes, Scarlett Johansson exercises [evil beet]
OMG JFK‘s peen on the History Channel? [tabloid prodigy]
Lady Gaga‘s “drug and diet hell” [allie]
Did HRC deserve to be vandalized by gay activists? [the new gay]
Rihanna really love her body… really a lot. [celeb jihad]
Taylor Momsen gets her faux-lez on at a recent concert [socialite life]
Just how young was Justin Timberlake when he was doing it with girls? [celebrity cafe]
OMG free Adele “Someone Like You” remix MP3! [arjan]
No gay Jeopardy contestants? [after elton]
OMG sunglasses made of recycled skateboards! [oh la la]

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