!! OMG, gossip: Blake Lively should probably Netflix ‘Good Will Hunting’ !!

Blake Lively doesn’t know who Matt Damon is — according to Ben Affleck [amy grindhouse]
When exactly did Emma Watson transform from a curly-headed witch into a side-boob sporting glamazon? [evil beet]
Man news: Anderson Cooper has been crushing on Richard Gere since 1980 [kenneth]
Hotter man news: James Van Der Beek let Essential Homme photograph him in bed! [oh la la]
No, seriously, there’s been yet another Amanda Bynes car accident [dlisted]
…And had she driven irresponsibly in the 1920s, this would be Bynes’ mug shot [socialite life]
Is this a public service announcement or horror film? [jezebel]
Apparently that tattoo hanging out on Chris Brown‘s neck isn’t a likeness of Rihanna after all [popbytes]
As you might expect, Tickle Me Elmo did indeed make it on the list of top ten “It toys” [celebrity cafe]
What are we gonna do without naked Hunter Parrish when Weeds finally ends?! [after elton]
The question of our times: Can Apple still save the world? [double viking]
Singer Sharon Doorson is just a liiiiiiiittle late for the Destiny’s Child “Survivor” video shoot [arjan]
At long last, Lady Gaga‘s Fame fragrance has made its debut into the world. Go forth and sniff [allie]
…And guess who showed up for the launch party? Lindsay Lohan [celebitchy]
Legal nudity on the streets of San Francisco may soon be a thing of the past [joe]
While some people pine for the day when they wake up and find a naked woman in their bed, this guy not so much [tabloid prodigy]
Aren’t guys just sooooo much cuter when they smile? [berry]
Jennifer Granholm had some MAJOR hair when she appeared on The Dating Game in 1978 [towleroad]

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