!! OMG gossip: Brad and Angelina take up more real estate !!

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie living in separate houses? [l.a. rag mag]
Daniel Radcliffe was disappointed and bored by his first love scenes [anything hollywood]
Watch Britney Spears‘s kids do a dance to “Toxic” [hollywood rag]
George Clooney is doing it with a cocktail waitress [wimb]
Gwyneth Paltrow greased up her legs for The Tonight Show [amy grindhouse]
More news on the Whitney Houston comeback album [popbytes]
Leighton Meester is the new queen of risky red carpet choices [glamour and glitter]
OMG new slutty Calvin Klein billboard! [oh la la]
Lindsay Lohan employs a body double in public [cityrag]
OMG Jude Law is hot again! [dlisted]
Ryan Phillippe is a danger to the paparazzi [socialite life]
Jason Mraz gets naked and talks toilet paper [just jared]
OMG the gays took Queens today! [towleroad]
OMG amazing saxophone movie moment! [uncoached]
Why are female populations dwindling in certain countries? [jezebel]

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