!! OMG gossip: Britney supports marriage rights for her fans !!

Britney Spears supports gay marriage [anything hollywood]
Twilight star Taylor Lautner pumps up his beefy arms [pitnb]
Will Lindsay Lohan perform topless in Vegas? [egotastic]
Her new boyfriend might not be so keen on the idea. [celebslam]
OMG new eyebrows for Susan Boyle! [dlisted]
Zac Efron eats dinner with gay American Idol Adam Lambert. Vanessa is third wheel. [queerty]
OMG Jennifer Lopez daytime costume change (twice)! [socialite life]
Nicole Kidman‘s younger sister looks so old [yeeeah]
Lisa Rinna does Playboy. Full on. [uncoached]
Kelly Clarkson’s new video for “I Do Not Hook Up” [oh la la]
NH Republican John Sununu calls marriage equality “garbage” [towleroad]
What is the worst movie sequel of all time? [pajiba]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Britney supports marriage rights for her fans"

  1. That ain’t no shock. Girl would be washed up right quick w/out the gays…
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

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