!! OMG gossip: Cameron in the middle !!

Guess who is in the middle of a Leonardo DiCaprio/Jude Law sandwich? [dlisted]
Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson wrestle shirtless at sea [l.a. rag mag]
OMG new Kevin Federline reality show! [socialite life]
Jerry Springer may star in Broadway production of Chicago [tabloid prodigy]
Madonna and Jesus are over and she’s not sorry [oh la la]
Boy model looks like girl model. Fabulous. [jak & jil]
OMG here’s how to integrate a prom in Mississippi [jezebel]
Why is Teri Hatcher wearing white to her wedding? [celeb smack]
Evan Rachel Wood gets naked for i-D [yeeeah]
Interviewing buff gay twins on the beach is a good job if you can get it [kenneth]
Oklahoma religious newspaper forges Governor’s signature for bigoted document [joe.my.god]
OMG Fergie got skins! [hollywood rag]
California may recognize gay marriages from elsewhere [towleroad]

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