!! OMG gossip: Celine, we really didn’t want to know !!

OMG it’s Celine Dion‘s sex anniversary! [lainey]
David Boreanaz (of Bones and Buffy) is the latest cheater to come forward [popeater]
Iggy Pop looks absolutely horrifying shirtless on stage [dlisted]
And Madonna looks absolutely fake in Interview [oh la la]
Is James Franco chasing the dragon? [l.a. rag mag]
What classy star has a bow tattoo in her buttcrack? [tabloid prodigy]
Gwen Stefani is not fazed by Courtney Love‘s revelation of an affair with Gavin Rossdale [socialite life]
OMG guys model extra skimpy swimsuits! [kenneth]
How did Twitter save Conan O’Brien? [allie]
Out magazine makes reality show about itself [towleroad]
Demi Moore says having sex every day makes her look younger [betty]
Who has Justin Timberlake seen holding hands with? [hollywood rag]
Angelina Jolie refuses invitation from The White House… again. [celebitchy]
The Simpsons cover Ke$ha [amy grindhouse]
Seth Green has married… yes, a taller woman [evil beet]
Boy wears dress to prom, gets voted Prom King [queerty]
This chubby webcam girl will seduce you. Watch out. [drunken stepfather, link nsfw]
OMG White-Castle scented candle, for those nights you just want to smell the grease [bwe]

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