!! OMG gossip: Chris Brown may get off on a technicality !!

Chris Brown‘s case could be dismissed [dlisted]
Vintage Jonas Brothers video. Before they were legal! [uncoached]
OMG Ricky Martin as Marlon Brando! [oh la la]
Will Catherine Zeta Jones star in a new Susan Boyle biopic? [radar]
Miss “I hate the gays of” California Carrie Prejean will star in a new soon-to-be-endlessly-mocked NOM ad [wow report]
Heidi Montag is planning to pose for Playboy. Surprise, surprise. [yeeeah]
Megan Fox‘s dress is too small. That is the problem with borrowing all your clothes instead of buying them. [the grumpiest]
Sean Penn has filed for legal separation from his wife [celebsmack]
Will Channing Tatum play a bad vampire in the new Twilight movie? [l.a. rag mag]
Dita Von Teese wears six inch heels to the grocery store [popbytes]
Tyra Banks testifies against her stalker in court [socialite life]
Good day for the gays! The House approved changes to Federal Hate Crimes legislation to include sexual orientation [towleroad]
And the New Hampshire Senate in a surprise move approved a bill today legalizing gay marriage in the state. [joe my god]
Not so good for Latinos in California. The state Dept. of Transportation removed Latinos from the list of groups that qualify for affirmative action. [guanabee]

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