!! OMG gossip: CNN anchor Don Lemon comes out of the closet !!

CNN’s Don Lemon comes out of the closet before Anderson Cooper. Total coup! [queerty]
And the craziest June 2011 magazine cover award goes to… Vanity Fair Spain [dlisted]
Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani still hold the title of Hottest Daddy and Mommy [popeater]
TNG explores “early onset” queerness. What were your early signs? [the new gay]
Spiderman star Andrew Garfield drinks chocolate milk [kenneth]
Even really smart people mistake Lady Gaga’s music for Madonna’s [pitnb]
OMG David Beckham and his new baby French bulldog “Scarlet”! [oh la la]
OMG Jon Hamm in spandex acting “ambiguously gay”! [popbytes]
Brad Pitt is dressed like a Colombian drug lord on the red carpet at Cannes [hollywood rag]
Joe Jonas looks hot on the cover of his new single “See No More” [socialite life]
Judy Garland is in a vocal duel with herself in this clever mash-up [gay carrington]
The automaton that is Britney Spears will be on the cover of June Harper’s Bazaar [amy grindhouse]
Kanye West is a gross kisser [the berry]
Jennifer Lopez looks just fine in that spider web bodysuit [starcasm]
OMG Disney Princess Fight Club! [zombie toenails]
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has co-written a 1300 word article in the NY Daily News in favor of same-sex marriage [towleroad]
Ke$ha punishes her Twitter followers with poop humor [evil beet]
OMG creepy father/daughter incest couple on a talk show! [drunken stepfather, nsfw]
“Botox Mom” (the lady who gave botox to her eight-year-old daughter) has lost custody of her child [the daily what]
Matthew Perry is “going away” for a while to focus on sobriety [yeeeah]
The Naked Burglar has been caught [uncoached]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: CNN anchor Don Lemon comes out of the closet"

  1. Although Don Lemon’s coming out was not a surprise( a good friend of mine dated him for awhile), I’m glad he is now comfortable with himself that he doesn’t feel he has to hide that part of himself from the world. Some of us don’t even get to that point, even the some that have spent years in gay community being out are not completely out in their general life. Whether that be fear of harm, discrimination or cultural pressure, everybody needs (& has the right) to accept themselves and have fulfilling whole lives.

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