!! OMG gossip: Cristiano Ronaldo drowns his sorrows in the pool !!

New single dad Cristiano Ronaldo struts around in a teeny-weeny Speedo at his NYC hotel now that the World Cup pressure is off [pitnb]
Where did Lindsay Lohan go wrong? [popeater]
Her fingernail has a message for someone… [tabloid prodigy]
Taylor Momsen gives Miley Cyrus a new middle name, and it starts with “F” [evil beet]
New NYC burger joint uses muscle gays to lure in innocent bystanders [kenneth]
OMG Jennifer Aniston is dating a member of the cast of True Blood! [l.a. rag mag]
And Amy Winehouse has a new mystery man! [celeb smack]
Dita Von Teese walked the runway today for Jean Paul Gaultier [socialite life]
Bruce Willis has launched his very own eau de testicle in a bottle. Get it while it lasts! [dlisted]
Steven Pasquale did not call anyone “fag” no matter what Denis Leary says [towleroad]
Dykey Governor of Hawaii Linda Lingle has vetoed the Civil Unions bill [queerty]
Fun in the sun, gorgeous new model, and buttcheeks in the new V Magazine [oh la la, link nsfw]
NYC public phones are in sad shape [cityrag]
OMG stoned cats! [2leep]

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5 Comments on "OMG gossip: Cristiano Ronaldo drowns his sorrows in the pool"

  1. no bulge, no penis!That is the truth!

  2. When is he going to come out already?!

  3. FINALLY! The world WOKE UP! I am portuguese and 0,5 persons in 100 like Ronaldo. Really. He is NOT that hot. Most people don’t like him AT ALL.
    I was wondering when would the world wake up. Now I know.

  4. OK, this guy is really hot. What a hottie. I would definitely pay good money to do him. Who is he? A hockey player? Tennis player? Oh who cares, he’s hot. But what is up with the tiny shorts? They are tiny, snug-fitting shorts and not a hint of a lump in them. The guy has no lump. He is lumpless. He’s like a Ken doll. Ewwwwww! Or maybe it is the shadow hiding his lump. Or the fucking plexiglass. I have blown this pic up as large as my pc allows and there is no sign of a lump there. Really uncool.
    But that is not why I’m commenting. I’m just here to bug you again about why we have not made it to your blog roll yet? I know, it’s Frank’s job and he’s busy with hookers or something, but hey, that is not a good excuse.
    It took me 58 visits here, and this time with no valium, to remember why it was that I thought it would be a slam-dunk getting on your blog roll. Right below your blog roll, right there in black and white, as plain as day, it says, and I quote, OK, I don’t quote, it makes me look gay, but it says something like, “If you want in our blog roll place us in your blog roll and then write to us”. That’s what it says. And that’s what we did. And why did I use quotation marks if I wasn’t quoting?
    You have been in our blog roll for like 9 years, and we wrote to you twice (and received 2 form letter emails in response), and we are still missing from your blog roll. Do I have to give you a lapdance? What? But, you know what? Ignore us as you may, you cannot stop the tides. Even without being in your blog roll, as of this writing, 52 people have come to our blog from yours. 52 people found us through your blog even without your consent. That is what I call cumuppance. Actually, cumuppance is when you swallow and some of it cums back up, but that is beside the point.
    And for you doubting Thomas Jeffersons, blog rolls do matter. Our biggest referrer blog by far is a tiny, little-known blog that just happens to care about us and has us in their blog roll. Guess what? They have sent us well over 2,000 visitors just since June 12. See, blog rolls do matter. Ahrrrrr blog, which IS in your blog roll, has now sent us over 2,000 visitors also and they are vying for top blog referrer and they only added us to their blog roll like 2 weeks ago.
    So yeah, 52 of your biggest fans have discovered our blog through your blog, and that is awesome, but it is of no thanks to you, Hamilton, or to Joe, Frank or Reynolds. I just thought I would let you know that you cannot keep your visitors from flocking to our blog simply by denying us free advertising space in your blog roll. Plus, even though you refuse to place us in your blog roll it does not mean we have plans to remove you from ours. We might start charging a monthly fee, but we won’t just remove you out of spite.
    Christiano really is hot, but he needs to get a lump.
    Mike of Nkdgyz


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