!! OMG gossip: Daniel Radcliffe gets naked on-screen !!

Daniel Radcliffe will appear nude in the final Harry Potter film for those who haven’t already seen his junk [celebitchy]
Elizabeth Hasselbeck will attempt to string together at least one coherent thought criticizing Adam Lambert on The View [popeater]
Will Tori Spelling spend Christmas with her estranged mother Candy? [betty]
Ellen Degeneres pulls the plug on Real Housewife Kim Zolciak‘s musical performance [dlisted]
OMG who would blackmail John Stamos? [l.a. rag mag]
Iowa Senator Charles Grassley is part of a group promoting homosexual executions in Uganda [towleroad]
Britney Spears may soon be free from her daddy’s control [superficial]
Why hasn’t Tiger Woods shown his teeth in public since the incident? [yeeeah]
Rihanna wants to make gay assassin love to Megan Fox on-screen [gabby]
Susan Boyle has conquered the United States. Guess how many albums she’s sold? [potp]
Jared Leto has declared war on his band’s record label [socialite life]
OMG really fat man on an airplane! [kenneth]
Alex Pettyfer has a tattoo in his pubes [oh la la]
Heroes star Greg Gunberg makes fun of Chaz Bono on Twitter [bilerico]
OMG Jenny McCarthy in a Santa hat! [celebsmack]
Straight woman sells her right to marry on eBay in support of marriage equality [huffpo]

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5 Comments on "OMG gossip: Daniel Radcliffe gets naked on-screen"

  1. aww fit as wish picture was lower down xx yummy

  2. I’m looking forward to the next Harry Potter film 😉 Hopefully he, I mean it (the film) isn’t a “flop” 😉

  3. Is that a real pic of him? If so…that body hair is fucking HOT! Wow.

  4. why can’t that picture be a little lower?

  5. Greg Grunberg is right. Chaz Bono has gotten really fat.

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