!! OMG gossip: Divorce is in the air !!

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are officially no longer married [webster’s is my bitch]
Could Avril Lavigne be next? [idwyl]
Courteney Cox and Demi Moore are looking more alike as they get older [dlisted]
The Magnetic Fields are going on tour this fall [dossier journal]
Christina Aguilera wants more babies. MORE BABIES!!! [gabby babble]
Design a dress for Mariah Carey! [popbytes]
OMG could this be the end of The Hills? And more importantly, is Lauren Conrad actually a bad friend and a slut? [celebslam]
Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer make out and no one notices [daily intelligencer]
Mischa Barton only drinks light beer to stay skinny… a whole case of it [idlyitw]
Beyonce continues to make sweet, sweet love to spandex [i’m not obsessed]
Western Horsemen is the new Details [bwe]

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