!! OMG gossip: Get Matthew Morrison’s abs !!

Glee‘s Matthew Morrison gets shirtless for Details [l.a. rag mag via Details]
Taylor Swift has never not looked shocked when she wins something: a pictorial history [popeater]
Beyonce‘s slutty perfume commercial will not air in the UK before 7:30pm [tabloid prodigy]
OMG biggest liger ever! That’s a half lion, half tiger. [towleroad]
Dina Lohan tries to sustain her lifestyle by suing Glee [evil beet]
Little Red Riding Hood the movie? Yes, and it stars Amanda Seyfried. [pitnb]
OMG white collar gay dating scam! [queerty]
Pamela Anderson had a special slutty version of a traditional Indian sari designed just for her [drunken stepfather, nsfw]
Cher talks gender identity on Letterman [after elton]
OMG Sexiest Men Alive 2010 sneak preview! [the berry]
You can stop wondering: Rachel Zoe has Tweeted her pregnancy [socialite life]
OMG biggest Twilight fan ever (there really is no question) [dlisted]
Mama Wu is the head of PFLAG China and a hero to thousands of gay youth [towleroad]
OMG who would throw a condom at Joe Jonas? [allie]
In case you didn’t pay enough for your iPad, you can now pay even more for a Dior leather case to hold it. Or win one free over at Oh La La [oh la la]
OMG Cornell professor freaks when student yawns [uncoached]

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3 Comments on "OMG gossip: Get Matthew Morrison’s abs"

  1. So Matthew Morrison has his entire chest shaved and waxed. He used to be a sexy otter-furball. Now he’s kinda just boring.

  2. who’s abs are better? Matthew’s or Ryan Reynolds?

  3. Since Matthew Morrison shaved his chest, who cares? Shaved chested pretty boys are a dime a dozen.
    On the Sneak peek at People’s Sexiest Men Alive 2010, they need a new photographer. The pics of Ryan Reynolds, Jon Hamm, and Robert Downey Jr in particular actually manage to make them look uncharacteristically unsexy.

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