!! OMG gossip: ‘Glee’ gets even gayer !!

Nicole Kidman speaks out before Congress about violence against women [jezebel]
Doctors are to blame for Lindsay Lohan‘s drug problem? [gabby]
OMG all-Madonna episode on Glee?? [popeater]
The Miss USA Organization wants a refund for Carrie Prejean‘s breast implants [fatback]
Hilary Duff takes a tumble in the street [yeeeah]
Sexy highlights from the World Gymnastic Champsionships [oh la la]
Renee Zellweger pulls her own suitcase [lainey]
Michael Jackson‘s brother Randy is casting doubt on the validity of Michael’s will [dlisted]
Amy Winehouse‘s dad discusses his daughter’s “fantastic” breast implants [celebitchy]
Only Carlos Freire‘s torso made it into the new A/X campaign, not his face [made in brazil]
OMG amazing old lady street fashions! [glamour and glitter]
Homophobic Senator Val Stevens of Washington State is past her expiration date [joe]
OMG wall graffiti made with fur in Paris! [white sky]
OMG Nick “Shaggy” Palatas cut his finger! [celebsmack]

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