!! OMG gossip: ‘Gossip Girl’ gets gayer !!

Chuck Bass will make out with this guy next season on Gossip Girl [dlisted]
OMG Miss Margot introduces “Drag Queen of the Day” feature! [margot]
Vogue editor Anna Wintour does Letterman [amy grindhouse]
OMG Zac Efron peen line! [l.a. rag mag]
Chris Brown must not have contact with Rihanna for five years [socialite life]
OMG Melanie Griffith in rehab! [yeeeah]
Republicans are getting cannibalistic [joe my god]
OMG new La Roux video “I’m Not Your Toy” [popbytes]
Twilight actor Alex Meraz rips his shirt off [towleroad]
OMG Mickey Rourke and his Speedo in Croatia! [wimb]
OMG flashers at the new Standard Hotel in New York City! [kenneth]
OMG Britney Spears on a NYC double-decker bus with her kids! [hollywood rag]
Jake Gyllenhaal looks buff without a shirt at the beach [oh la la]
OMG most life-affirming films ever! [pajiba]

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  1. Bad link for the Zac Efron link.
    Please fix?

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