!! OMG, gossip: Hollywood Walk of Fame says no thanks to Kim Kardashian !!

Nope, Kim Kardashian will not be getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame star [amy grindhouse]
Tragic: More people watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo than the Republican National Convention [jezebel]
…And speaking of the RNC, here’s what you should have learned [after elton]
(Or skip the rest and just watch Clint Eastwood‘s crazy chair speech) [towleroad]
OMG, some of the women partying with Prince Harry in Vegas were PAID to be there [dlisted]
Simon Cowell: Life saver [tabloid prodigy]
No joke, Julian Gabriel might just be the hottest man you’ve ever seen [oh la la]
This is the version of “Baby One More Time” that Britney Spears meant to make [kenneth]
…But speaking of Brit, lady’s still rocking a hot beach body [allie]
Drama: Elizabeth Taylor‘s dressing room was trashed for ‘Liz & Dick’ — maybe Lindsay Lohan wasn’t to blame? [evil beet]
If Courtney Stodden starts doing porn, will anyone be surprised? [popbytes]
Before it’s too late, look back on Jersey Shore‘s top 10 greatest moments [celebrity cafe]
Is Tori Spelling a Glee fan or what? Because she named her new son Finn [socialite life]
If you’re planning to bar-crawl across the world, these are the places to stop [double viking]
Must listen: Robyn remix! [arjan]
Taylor Swift has already got that whole life plan thing worked out [celebitchy]
Dr. Who singing Dr. Who — so meta [joe]
Best thing about today: Shirtless Friday [berry]

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2 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Hollywood Walk of Fame says no thanks to Kim Kardashian"

  1. Thanks Eko. The Julian Gabriel link is fixed.

  2. Love Doctor Who! I’ve been watching it for years, old and new series.
    Your “Julian Gabriel” page seems to be missing.
    I’d totally name my kid Finn but it would be after Finn on Adventure Time.
    And lulz, you have to be a star to get a star, Kim Kardashian is a disease, not a celebrity.

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