!! OMG, gossip: HULKAMANIA! Chris Hemsworth as Hulk Hogan? !!

Hulk Hogan green-lights a biopic of his own life starring Chris Hemsworth. I’m seeing Khloe Kardashian as a young-ish Brooke Hogan [celebitchy]
Rejoice: Lindsay Lohan finally pays her GeoCities bill, and relaunches LindsayLohan.com. Bookmarked. [popbytes]
Boner! It’s the Bomer babeing up the streets of NYC [boy culture]
Tall hair, don’t care! The Miss Universe Pageant responds to a relocation petition for their Moscow event. Amber Atkins would not approve! [joemygod]
Gaga continues her brave quest of paying homage to every pop icon by tipping her hat(s?) to Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes [socialite’s life]
That blue-blooded, hot, ginger prince continues Diana‘s crusade to rid the world of those filthy landmines [kenneth]
That’s not what “gay-brain-drain” means in my house [queerty]
Amanda Bynes may have been rubbing her tattered halloween wig up against a female neighbour. This brings joy to my life [evil beet]
Are Prince and Dave Chappelle BFFs? [all hip hop]
How many of my dreams start: Zac Efron as a young doctor [towleroad]
RIP Disney star, Lee Thompson Young [tabloid prodigy]
Richard Simmons‘ new video gives pop royalty an 8-bit run for their money [dlisted]
True Blood fills their weekly skin quota (obviously NSFW) [ohlala]
‘Slow for elderly people’ is the road sign of the future [double viking]

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