!! OMG, gossip: Is this Pixar’s first lesbian character? !!

OMG, is the wild redhead Merida from Pixar’s “Brave” a lesbian? [jezebel]
Emma Watson wanted a pink dog… so Emma Watson got a pink dog [evil beet]
Apparently still on the hunt for a career, Paris Hilton‘s latest idea is to become a DJ [dlisted]
Thirsty for something south of the equator? Here’s everything you need to know about Chilean wine [celebrity cafe]
OMG, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are… friends?! [amy grindhouse]
Ben Cohen in his underwear — enough said [kenneth]
In today’s news of the unnecessary, Jean Paul Gaultier designed a tattooed bottle for Coke [oh la la]
OMG, Octomom has a boyfriend [popbytes]
Want to know what Reese Witherspoon thinks of the thing growing inside her? [socialite life]
There are exactly ten reasons to love George Michael, starting (obviously) with the singer’s svelte Wham! days [after elton]
Bet you never realized how many famous high school and college droupouts are littering Hollywood [double viking]
Eva Simons wins today’s prize for best hair. Or worst hair, depending on your take [arjan]
OMG, President Obama sings a Justin Bieber song — and not, like, alone in the shower [allie]
Jenny McCarthy is “really proud” of her Playboy cover [celebitchy]
Who is shocked that Courtney Love doesn’t pay her bills? [tabloid prodigy]
That bullied bus monitor has big plans for her $650,000 (and wouldn’t you?) [towleroad]
Prepare to fall in love with Diego Boneta [berry]

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1 Comment on "OMG, gossip: Is this Pixar’s first lesbian character?"

  1. Pixar’s first lesbian character was CUH-LEARLY uberbutch cowgirl Jessie.

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