!! OMG, gossip: Jared Leto might be the next JOKER !!

Jared Leto might play the Joker in an upcoming film [dlisted]
Australian obelisk wraps it up for safe sex and HIV awareness [towleroad]
Skinny bitches: Eminem makes rare appearance for Dr. Dre event [celebitchy]
That ‘Nick Jonas banging some chick on TV’ Vine you’ve been waiting for [socialite life]
Is Colby Keller America’s most-intellectual adult gay film star? [kenneth]
Andy Dick steals man’s necklace, rides off on bike, gets arrested and thrown in the chokey [queerty]
First look at The Simpson‘s – Futurama crossover! [popbytes]
Matt Bomer‘s tighty whitey GIFs from AHS: Freakshow [boy culture]
…and some more stills, just in case you didn’t get enough [ohlala]
Uganda is back with their anti-gay law in a new form: This time 7 years in prison for promoting any form of homosexuality [joemygod]
This week in movie trailers [unrealitymag]
The Top 10 Rene Zellweger films… just because.[celeb cafe]

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