!! OMG gossip: Jay and Martha sitting in a tree !!

Jay Leno and Martha Stewart talk dirty to each other on TV [bwe]
Larry King the viking [cityrag]
The formerly adorable Haley Joel Osment is aging rapidly [wimb]
Lindsay Lohan drops the “C” word on Access Hollywood, and not the one you think [defamer]
There are more Bond Girls than you think (and some of them are boys) [thighs wide shut]
Katy Perry almost reveals her nipple [egotastic]
Madonna has a few rules for her kids when they visit their dad (ex. KABBALAH WATER) [dlisted]
Japhy Grant is the new editor at Queerty [queerty]
Jennifer Aniston in Vogue, says what Angelina did to her was “very uncool” [jezebel]

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3 Comments on "OMG gossip: Jay and Martha sitting in a tree"

  1. Haley Joel Osment looks like a lego man
    and clark, take a chill pill and sit on a cock

  2. wow … this is the very reason fags have such bad reps…Haley Osmet is not ‘formerly adorable’ so grow up, and Lindsay Lohan simply stated a fact. MAdonna with rules? Yeah, right.
    Grow a pair and report it correctly.

  3. more naked men, please

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