!! OMG gossip: John Travolta gay rumors get specific !!

More “evidence” of John Travolta‘s gay spa proclivities courtesy of The National Enquirer (aka the tabloid whose stories are usually true) [queerty]
OMG it’s that time of year when Oprah showers her audience with holiday gifts! Check out these audience reactions. [popeater]
David Arquette is running drunk in a slutty tank top… Am I the only one who finds it a little hot? [evil beet]
Josh Horowitz teaches the cast of Harry Potter how to speak American [double viking]
OMG incredible photo spread by Sacha Goldberger starring 91-year-old Hungarian granny “Super Mamika” [oh la la]
The New Gay has made a list of the Top 19 Anti-Suicide Anthems [tng]
Willow Smith does W! [pitnb]
Angelina from Jersey Shore has come out with a single that from the sound of it was recorded with her five-year-old cousin’s Playskool “Baby Karaoke Star” MP3 microphone [dlisted]
OMG wedding bells for Rachel and Finn on Glee? [starcasm]
Ryan Seacrest is feigning interest in yet another woman [zombie toenails]
Thai soccer volleyball is my new favorite sport! [uncoached]
OMG Wesley Snipes is serving three years in the pokey for tax crimes! [tabloid prodigy]
Justin Bieber has taken to flashing his abs in public [popbytes]
Kylie Minogue Tweets her shoe fetish [socialite life]
OMG sexy male pro tennis players in suits! [kenneth]
Jennifer Aniston has gone blonde [hollywood rag]
Christina Aguilera sings “Something’s Got a Hold of Me” on Ellen. This has us excited for Burlesque… [l.a. rag mag]
Joe Biden giggles when discussing Sarah Palin’s Presidential aspirations [towleroad]
OMG Hello Kitty! Theme Park! [the berry]

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5 Comments on "OMG gossip: John Travolta gay rumors get specific"

  1. Why do you continue to print this garbage? Unless you have concrete proof all of this is just hearsay.

  2. hey Patrick, they’re still there. You just have to click into an individual NSFW page and they’re down the left side. We had to move them off the main page because of new advertiser rules. xo F

  3. I would be surprised if it turns our there is anything real behind this story.

  4. What happened to the omg NSFW bff?
    I useto love some of the links off there but it’s well.. not there anymore and was wondering if this was removed for a reason
    Now I forget some of the sites I loved to visit 🙁

  5. I think you have to be the only one who thinks David Arquette a little hot there. I used to see a sexy boyish side, but he’s looking pathetic and sad anymore.

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