!! OMG, gossip: Kate Moss Gets Sampled For A Saxxy New Disco Track !!

I’m still waiting on the “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels Remix” [vimeo]
“I’ve only ever sucked d-k for free. I’ve only ever given free bl*wjobs”Iggy Azalea gives us some beautiful soundbites on her success [celebitchy]
Just hold on, we’re moving you into a home: Is Drake banging Kris Jenner? [all hip hop]
Happy Monday! The Pet Shop Boys release a new video for “Thursday” [joemygod]
The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus points n shoots [socialite life]
Zefron pulled a Real Housewife move, and ODed on some Oxycodone a while ago [boy culture]
California wife comes out as lesbian to husband, who in turn comes out as transgender [kenneth]
Ke$ha fans want to “save her” from her producer Dr. Luke — the man that made them all dance in the first place [popbytes]
David Bowie gifted Moby a hat once, Moby lost it at a bar! [evil beet]
Katy Perry got the deadly sads after Russell Brand dumped her via text [dlisted]
Awesome church billboard to start your week [towleroad]
The history of the male nude through time [ohlala]
Tacky-ass paintjobs on cars! [double viking]

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