!! OMG gossip: Kevin Federline wears his towel proudly !!

OMG shirtless pictures of fatty Kevin Federline [wimb]
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sweat out their Thetans together [dlisted]
OMG new Shakira song “Did It Again” plus onstage antics at Jimmy Kimmel Live [l.a. rag mag]
Recent Democratic black sheep Governor David Paterson avoids awkwardness by pretending not to see President Obama at the Albany airport [kenneth]
CORRECTION: Kim Kattrall was photographed wearing a wedding dress on the set of the new Sex and the City movie. This could mean anything! [amy grindhouse]
OMG photos of Pink‘s Funhouse concert! [popbytes]
OMG Playboy turns straight men gay! [towleroad]
Sports bring men together in unexpected ways sometimes [oh la la]
OMG smoking boy with huge cock (totally SFW) [uncoached]
OMG, so many Twilight: New Moon stills you hardly have to see the movie [socialite life]
Man pees into car gas tank in a pinch [urlesque]
OMG saddest male models on the runway [chive]

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4 Comments on "OMG gossip: Kevin Federline wears his towel proudly"

  1. Sorry guys, the Sex and the City thing was just an assumption on my part based on the WIDELY available photos of Kim Kattrall running around in a wedding dress in PUBLIC! However, I have no inside knowledge of the plot of the movie. So rest easy, maybe she gets left at the altar. xo F

  2. Enormous eye roll to your need to include a Sex and the City spoiler–very childish and disappointing.

  3. i hate people that ruin movies. if samantha really gets married, i’m boycotting this site.

  4. What the hell? Not even a spoiler alert over the Sex and the City post? Sure, the first wasn’t the best film ever but there was no call for that.

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