!! OMG, gossip: Kim and Kanye reaaaally need to pump the breaks !!

Um, Kim and Kayne? Yeah, moving in together already is a liiiiiiittle fast [allie]
OMG, Brian McKnight is back with a song about… booty holes? [dlisted]
Better stock up on walking-dead repellent — the zombie population has exploded this year [huffpost]
Macy’s has teamed up with HRC for Pride month — that wouldn’t have anything to do with jcpenney’s recent same-sex campaigns, would it? [kenneth]
Now why did you have to go and taint Gay Days with your hate, just like last year? [towleroad]
No one should be this good looking (and his lips just aren’t fair) [oh la la]
OMG, happy birthday, Morgan Freeman! [celebrity cafe]
Really, people of Oslo? Really? [popbytes]
Ughzzz to VH1 for giving Dina Lohan on airtime on not one but two reality TV shows [amy grindhouse]
OMG, 31 photos of Lea Michele… oh wait [the berry]
Not gonna lie, Tom Brady playing with his son is really adorable [socialite life]
Why don’t we just call DC’s now-out gay superhero GGL for Gay Green Lantern? [after elton]
Please don’t get any of these tattoos [double viking]
Yes please to the extended remix of Kylie‘s “Timebomb” [arjan]
What does Katie in a sad little sweater compared to a sexy-up shirtless Tom tell us? [celebitchy]
As the First Lady, Michelle Obama is basically the mom to the entire country — and doing a good job of it [joe]
OMG, things have gotten out of hand for Matthew Fox [tabloid prodigy]

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  1. I have a mother, and Michelle Obama ain’t her – not even close and don’t like the insinuation and I don’t need another. That’s the problem with those in politics these days – they just can’t stay out of our lives and think they know “what’s best for us” – they don’t know S#%T about me or what is best for me.

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