!! OMG, gossip: Kristen Stewart is over being a Twitterwhore !!

#ohshutup: Kristen Stewart blames social media for having stalkers [celebitchy]
Revelation of the day: Michele Bachmann‘s stepsister is a lesbian [jezebel]
OMG: Glenn Beck has his own line of jeans [kenneth]
Number 5: There’s a whole lot of Brad Pitt in this Chanel ad [evil beet]
DILF: Jude Law shirtless… in a little yellow bathing suit [dlisted]
…Meanwhile: These models also look good in their teeny trunks [oh la la]
In case you care: Taylor Momsen is into naked poetry [popbytes]
Werq: Rihanna is Vogue‘s November cover girl [socialite life]
Report card: Everything you need to know about Comic Con [celebrity cafe]
Spotted: Kim Kardashian is totally see-through [amy grindhouse]
Top 10: The hottest men in country music [after elton]
Hungover? Here’s what you should do [double viking]
Up next: Swedish pop star Leo Today wants you to “Get Some” [arjan]
Sad face: Russell Crowe is getting a divorce [allie]
Photo bomb: Paul Ryan posed for a photo opp at an Ohio soup kitchen… where he pretended to wash already-clean pots [joe]
BFF: Hulk Hogan is suing his best friend for recording the former wrestler having sex with his best friend’s wife [tabloid prodigy]
Shocking: Mariah Carey‘s one-time trainer came out [towleroad]
Today’s hottest hottie: James Eysenbach [berry]

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