!! OMG gossip: La Toya in the spotlight !!

Now that Michael Jackson has passed away, La Toya seems to think her moment has arrived [dlisted]
OMG Channing Tatum was a stripper! [yeeeah]
Kate Moss and Lily Allen party together on a yacht [hollywood rag]
OMG preview the new Topman FW09 collection as worn by sexy, half-naked skinny guys! [john tan]
Jennifer Hudson has given birth to a baby [amy grindhouse]
OMG someone actually hired Nick Lachey to sing the national anthem! [kenneth]
Will Ferrell knows how to handle a big pink dildo [cityrag]
Bethenny Frankel hates Gwyneth Paltrow and her GOOP [starzlife]
A-Rod is bored by kissing Kate Hudson [l.a. rag mag]
OMG new Whitney Houston single “Million Dollar Bill” [popbytes]
Hot Russian tennis star Novak Djukovic strips down for an underwear fashion show [oh la la]
OMG creepy men dressed as Hello Kitty! [wow]
Gay porn star Pierre Fitch is probably DJing a party near you [pierre fitch]
Skinny Aaron Carter lifts weights for Dancing With the Stars, looks old [socialite life]
New Hampshire man protests Obama with a handgun at his side [towleroad]
New evidence has surfaced that suggests George W. Bush considered the Iraq War a mission from God [allgov]

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  1. BegoniaBuzzkill | August 12, 2009 at 1:45 pm | Reply

    “…George W. Bush considered the Iraq War a mission from God”
    I remember this ‘news’ from quite a while back – published in the EU when it had just happened to Chirac.
    The White House went into emergency coverup mode and quashed the story with an outright denial.
    The denial fell flat – Chirac wasn’t joining up with our Coalition of the Killing and if you recall, Freedom Fries was the result.
    The doughy panty load right wing spent months berating the French for not being duped into killing along with us….yet made sure not to reveal why Chirac was not joining up to kill for mythical reasons.
    The propaganda machine to quash our President’s Gog-hoodship was in full force for months.
    Rumsfeld’s daily briefs for GW with cover sheets abusing biblical quotes makes the Gog reports all the more verified.
    The right is…even now…denying GW ever had the ideas yet at the same time, thanks to selective amnesia happy pill prescription, forgets the endless religious coded messages the Preznitwit put out in public speaking venues.

  2. Can we get the old font size back, please? Seriously.

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