!! OMG gossip: Lady Gaga throws gay fans under the bus again for Target money !!

Lady Gaga is still whoring herself for Target, this time in a really dirty way [queerty]
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4 Comments on "OMG gossip: Lady Gaga throws gay fans under the bus again for Target money"

  1. Hi Fern,
    It was never Target’s “policies” that were in question. Target has always been progressive towards its employees, but Target’s CEO is a rightwing nutball who donated $150K to an insane homophobic tea party candidate named Tom Emmer in the Minnesota Governor’s race.
    They have shown their true colors with that donation and no matter how much blood money they throw at Lady Gaga it will not change my feelings.
    If you want more information about why all gays with an ounce of self-respect should continue to boycott Target, go here:

  2. You need to get your facts straight before you post things like “Gaga throws gays under the bus…” She agreed to work with Target ONLY if they changed their policies towards gays for the better. She also requires that they donate a substantial amount of money each year to gay causes.

  3. GET OVER THE WHOLE TARGET THING! You sound so fucking pathetic, stop whining!

  4. She actually only agreed to work with them if they promised to start donating money to pro-LGBT charities and organizations. They have now pledged nearly half a million dollars for gay-equity groups in 2011.

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