!! OMG gossip: Larry the Cable Guy strips for publicity !!

OMG he’s only wearing a diaper: Larry the Cable Guy [dlisted]
OMG Penelope and Gilly will never appear again on SNL! Kristen Wiig, say it isn’t so… [popeater]
Ricky Martin discusses the challenge of being a closeted sex symbol [towleroad]
And Britney Spears talks Femme Fatale [hollywood rag]
David LaChapelle has shot Uma Thurman for the new Schweppes campaign [oh la la]
Guess which ultra-dull celebrity just adopted an adorable puppy? [evil beet]
Shania Twain gets real with Oprah about her failed marriage [pitnb]
OMG new Tori Amos album announced for September release date! [popbytes]
Who doesn’t know Osama Bin Laden? All these people. [kenneth]
Cameron Diaz makes sideboob classy on the cover of Cosmopolitan [amy grindhouse]
Ryan Reynolds reveals some skin in the new Green Lantern trailer [zombie toenails]
In case you didn’t know Rihanna has a pierced nipple, here is proof. [drunken stepfather, nsfw]
Queerty lives on! [queerty]
Kim Zolciak looks like a pregnant wax corpse in her new trashy tabloid photos [socialite life]
Where did Kristin Cavallari get that giant diamond? [the berry]
Really creepy story from Oklahoma… Mentally disabled man was held down while attackers forcibly tattooed “RAPEST” (spelled that way) on his forehead [uncoached]
OMG crocodile vs. police car! [daily what]

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  1. I live in Oklahoma. A lot of creepy shit happens here. :[ That’s what happens when we let people elect people like Sally Kern into office. . .

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