!! OMG gossip: Lindsay Lohan makes online personal ad !!

Will Lindsay Lohan find love on eHarmony? [pitnb]
Eminem is either the victim of too much botox or an overzealous Photoshop artist [dlisted]
OMG Madonna‘s new $40 million NYC apartment! [l.a. rag mag]
Ashton Kutcher still hasn’t put his shirt back on [the bosh]
OMG Seth Rogen is skinny! [the insider]
Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle are still holding hands and not much else [socialite life]
Paul Rudd is sexy even dressed in a giant Earth costume for Sesame Street [jossip]
OMG Indian IT professional wet t-shirt contest! [uncoached]
Charlize Theron compares gay marriage ban to Apartheid [oh la la]
New same-sex marriage bill will be introduced Thursday by New York Governor David Patterson [towleroad]
OMG models on the cover of American Vogue! [frillr]
Why do Chow-Chows love wicker? [glamour & glitter]

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