!! OMG gossip: Lindsay Lohan’s creative direction is offensive !!

Emanuel Ungaro is pissed about what Lindsay Lohan is doing to his house [dlisted]
Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN to go mortar the wall along the Mexican border fulltime [towleroad]
OMG Michael Phelps is so fat now! [l.a. rag mag]
And so is Geena Davis! [popeater]
But LaToya Jackson still has a hot body [drunken stepfather, NSFW]
James Franco will guest star on General Hospital [kenneth]
Donald Trump calls Carrie Prejean a whore in more words [superficial]
And then she is offered a $1 million porn movie deal [gabby]
OMG Top Model‘s Miss J is a dad! [betty]
Is Angelina Jolie talking to her father again? [evil beet]
OMG the end of the world is coming in 2012 [oh la la]
Step-by-step instructions for winning the heart of David Hasselhoff [wow report]
Justin Timberlake is looking young on the set of his new movie Social Network [icydk]
OMG Twilight mancandy mall tour for tweens! [socialite life]
Who is dating Chris “Captain Kirk” Pine? [hollywood rag]
OMG go vote for Rolling Stone’s “Artist of the Decade”! [allie]

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