!! OMG gossip: Line up for your Wahlburger !!

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg to open Wahlburgers Restaurant. Yes, really. [evil beet]
OMG celebrities eat ice cream too! [huffpo]
Simon Cowell wants his body frozen so he can be re-animated at a later date [dlisted]
Jon Stewart will interview Nirvana band members [celebrity cafe]
OMG hot models making funny faces in Australia! [after elton]
And the same hot models on the runway in skimpy bathing suits [kenneth]
Rose McGowan escaped from a cult at the age of nine! [celebitchy]
Pitbull is surprised Lindsay Lohan is suing him for defamation [popbytes]
OMG the top ten gayest cities in the USA! [joe]
Yes, Rihanna has a sex tape. [allie]
OMG fabulous remix of Britney Spears‘s “Seal It With a Kiss” [arjan]
Michael Ian Black reminisces over his sex scene with Bradley Cooper [socialite life]
OMG the Jennifer Aniston babies that never were [amy grindhouse]
MTV’s Real World: San Diego trailer is full of sloppy gay kissing [towleroad]
Where are Rider Strong and other 90s teen idols today? [2leep]
OMG, Coca-Cola… CLOTHING? [oh la la]
Watch this NBA player knock out a reporter [double viking]
OMG calorie explosion! [the berry]

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