!! OMG gossip: Madonna kicks another one to the curb !!

Madonna and her manchildfriend Brahim Zaibat have broken up [dlisted]
David Beckham has rear-ended someone on the Los Angeles freeway [popeater]
Lindsay Lohan is not interested in John Travolta‘s offer of Scientology redemption [pitnb]
The federal government is examining ways it can recognize same-sex marriages in immigration cases. The death of DOMA seems near. [kenneth]
OMG new Patrick Wolf video “The City” [popbytes]
One of the accused in the Tyler Clementi cyberbullying suicide case has struck a plea deal [queerty]
OMG Kelly Osbourne‘s boyfriend is more feminine than she is! [amy grindhouse]
Jillian Michaels and Dr. Phil will co-host a new depressing daytime show together [starcasm]
The New Gay interviews pop band Yelle [tng]
OMG Prince William and Princess Kate have adopted a baby penguin! [evil beet]
A 22-year-old man is seriously injured after an alleged gaybashing in El Paso Texas outside the Old Plantation gay club. [towleroad]
Lady Gaga is looking more and more like Carol Channing [socialite life]
Tom Hardy is not wearing much in his new movie The Warrior [oh la la]
Will Wolverine make an appearance in the new Bryan Singer-directed X-Men: First Class? [zombie toenails]
OMG Shania Twain is reverse aging! [the berry]
Jennifer Aniston struts with peekaboo cleavage [hollywood rag]
Johnny Weir has kept an anti-gay bigot off the International Olympic Committee [wow report]
What what happens when you shove these babies into the pool! Not what you think. [daily what]
This iPod security system could fail if you take it into certain environments [uncoached]

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